Saturday, October 15, 2011

OpenAir@theistPodCast Episode 12 ''BionicDance''

Episode 12 of the OpenAir@theistPodCast was recorded wednesday 10/19/11 at 4:pm PT with special guest Kate Fahr aka ''BionicDance on YouTube.
Kate is a very intelligent atheist communicator on YouTube and it was my delight to have her on the show.
Ms Fahr is also a talented web comic artist, check out ''The Adventures of Kanira Baxter'' and like me some what of a product of the 1980's.
Kate and I  discussed various subjects of importance ,the ever growing occupy movement, the dangers of faith, free will theology vs deterministic theology and so on...
I would like to take this time to thank Kate for being a guest in spite being sick with a nasty cold  -thanks Kate for your dedication.   : )

If you are interested in being a guest in a future episode please send me ''OpenAirAtheist'' an add request or contact me through email at 

OpenAir@theistPodCast Episode 11 ''ReligiousAntagonist''

In episode 11 of the O.A.A.PODCAST I had a blast discussing various topics with Mike Lee aka ''ReligiousAntagonist''.  For those who may not have even heard of the ''ReligiousAntagonist'' YouTube channel I gotta say....  ''go subscribe!''  Mike Lee's videos are drop dead hilarious and well produced.  If you like satire that exposes the silliness of religion you''ll like Mike Lee's YouTube Channel.  Although Mike seams to consider himself primarily an entertainer, I still can't help but think that this is his talented and obviously funny way of contributing to the war on the harmful non sense of religious BS.