Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OAAPODCAST EP 20 ''Stoicism'' with DT STRAIN

In this episode (humanist minister, philosopher) Dt Strain and I had an hour and 14 minute discussion concerning Stoic philosophy and it's benefits to the modern person. We talked about the positive impact this ancient Greek philosophy has had on our lives, the stoic logos, the cosmos and consciousness ETC. It was a joy to have Dt on the show once again , and he is scheduled to be on again 3/28/12 to discuss stoicism and compassion, Buddhism, and Daoist philosophy and where they all meet. And perhaps ......much more if we have time. : )
Also this episode features a raps song by my myself called ''DearApologist'' and of course, as I'm sure most of you know the OAAPODCAST theme song entitled ''Saved'' is by Shelley Segal off her awesome album ''an atheist album'' which can be found on iTunes, and her website. Thanks again to all my listeners and youtube viewers for taking the time to listen in on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that, without support from my listeners, I can't keep this podcast going forever. Not a guilt trip, just stating - reality.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

OpenAir@theistPodCast Episode 18 with Lawrence M Krauss

In Episode 18 of the OAAPODCAST  Prof Lawrence Krauss joins host James T Stillwell and cohost Shelley Segal to discuss his new book ''A UNIVERSE FROM NOTHING''.
Prof Krauss was also kind enough to answer questions concerning the term ''nothing'', QM determinism and indeterminism ETC.
Towards the end Shelley played us a song called ''Apocalyptic love song'' and then I took us out with an atheist quote and a song by atheist rap artist GreydonSquare called ''Final notes''. Please checkout ''An atheist Album'' by Shelley Segal on iTunes and Also please checkout

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

OAAPODCAST EP17 with John Rhynes and Dusty Smith (theist call in)

In this episode I was joined by YouTube atheists John Rhynes and Dusty Smith. We took a call from a theist (Chris from Florida) who was insistent we couldn't account for objective morality with out the Christian god! I asked him to tell us how he could account for an objective morality even if his god claim were infact true? He failed to answer the question and pretty much every other question we asked him. At one point later in the conversation I confronted our theist caller with 1Samuel 15:3, and for a time things got a bit heated! My two guests John and Dusty did not hesitate to call him on his inability to deal with the above mentioned biblical text and the god commanded murder of helpless infants. Inspite of his constant question begging, question evading, and appeals to consequence, I find it abmirable that he had the courage to clime into a den of ungodly ones like our selves. Thanks Chris from Florida. : ) Thanks John and Dusty for being my guests. This episode was brought to you by a 20oz can of RedBull since I was running on no sleep.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

OAAPODCAST EP16 with Jeff Dee, John Rhynes, and Shelley Segal

Episode 16 was the BEST YET! I had a blast with (my homey) atheist musician Shelley Segal, John Rhynes (YouTubes own TheReligiousSnitch) and none other than Jeff Dee of the AtheistExperience Tv show. We talked about various subjects concerning the atheist community, the origin of the AtheistExperience Tv show and much more.
This episode features music by atheist rap artist GreydonSquare (song called "Brains"),John Rhynes (song called Cheers! Your an atheist) and never last in my book a song called "My Morality" was performed on the show by Shelley Segal. Thanks once again to all my guests and all my listeners who pay this show attention without whom this show would be nothing and meeningless:) Sincerely your fellow earthling James T Stillwell 3

Sunday, January 8, 2012

OAAPODCAST EP 15 with Shelley Segal

It was truly my pleasure to have atheist musician Shelley Segal on the show. She is a very talented and beautiful human being, a godess among mere mortals and a very easy going person to speak with.
Shelley and her father gave an awesome performance on the show. The song performed was called "Eve" and it is one of 7 on her new album entitled "An atheist album" which may be found on and iTunes. Simply a must have!
Shelley also has a YouTube Channel called "purpleshells" which is how I found her music video "saved" which I like soo much I have asked her if I could use it as a theme song to this podcast. Saved was played in the intro of episode 15.
Shelley is a good hearted, young, intelligent, and passionate woman, and a beautiful person inside and out.
I can't help wishing her the best in life, and much more success than she already has.
In this episode Shelley and I talked about her inspiration and motivation for making music, her song "afterlife", religious degradation of women, the importance of questioning ones worldview and much more.
This podcast episode was recorded 1/6/12 at 8:30pm PT
I would like to thank all those who take the time to listen to this podcast and I hope all who do benifit from it even only if in some small way.
Sincerely James T Stiilwell 3. Happy newyear!