Thursday, January 19, 2012

OAAPODCAST EP16 with Jeff Dee, John Rhynes, and Shelley Segal

Episode 16 was the BEST YET! I had a blast with (my homey) atheist musician Shelley Segal, John Rhynes (YouTubes own TheReligiousSnitch) and none other than Jeff Dee of the AtheistExperience Tv show. We talked about various subjects concerning the atheist community, the origin of the AtheistExperience Tv show and much more.
This episode features music by atheist rap artist GreydonSquare (song called "Brains"),John Rhynes (song called Cheers! Your an atheist) and never last in my book a song called "My Morality" was performed on the show by Shelley Segal. Thanks once again to all my guests and all my listeners who pay this show attention without whom this show would be nothing and meeningless:) Sincerely your fellow earthling James T Stillwell 3

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