Thursday, January 26, 2012

OAAPODCAST EP17 with John Rhynes and Dusty Smith (theist call in)

In this episode I was joined by YouTube atheists John Rhynes and Dusty Smith. We took a call from a theist (Chris from Florida) who was insistent we couldn't account for objective morality with out the Christian god! I asked him to tell us how he could account for an objective morality even if his god claim were infact true? He failed to answer the question and pretty much every other question we asked him. At one point later in the conversation I confronted our theist caller with 1Samuel 15:3, and for a time things got a bit heated! My two guests John and Dusty did not hesitate to call him on his inability to deal with the above mentioned biblical text and the god commanded murder of helpless infants. Inspite of his constant question begging, question evading, and appeals to consequence, I find it abmirable that he had the courage to clime into a den of ungodly ones like our selves. Thanks Chris from Florida. : ) Thanks John and Dusty for being my guests. This episode was brought to you by a 20oz can of RedBull since I was running on no sleep.

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