Sunday, January 8, 2012

OAAPODCAST EP 15 with Shelley Segal

It was truly my pleasure to have atheist musician Shelley Segal on the show. She is a very talented and beautiful human being, a godess among mere mortals and a very easy going person to speak with.
Shelley and her father gave an awesome performance on the show. The song performed was called "Eve" and it is one of 7 on her new album entitled "An atheist album" which may be found on and iTunes. Simply a must have!
Shelley also has a YouTube Channel called "purpleshells" which is how I found her music video "saved" which I like soo much I have asked her if I could use it as a theme song to this podcast. Saved was played in the intro of episode 15.
Shelley is a good hearted, young, intelligent, and passionate woman, and a beautiful person inside and out.
I can't help wishing her the best in life, and much more success than she already has.
In this episode Shelley and I talked about her inspiration and motivation for making music, her song "afterlife", religious degradation of women, the importance of questioning ones worldview and much more.
This podcast episode was recorded 1/6/12 at 8:30pm PT
I would like to thank all those who take the time to listen to this podcast and I hope all who do benifit from it even only if in some small way.
Sincerely James T Stiilwell 3. Happy newyear!

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